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Styling web sites for different browsers has always been a hassle. Naturally web standards are some more or less common to one or another browser. Internet Explorer has always been one of the major browsers worldwide, but had its very own interpretation of "web standards". So when a new realease of the IE hits the [...]

We are proud to announce that our new CMS is online now. It is a self linking, smart navigating, and easy to administer content management system, based fully on open source software, Rails 2.3.81, Memcached2 and CouchDB3. It makes heavy use of json, and jQuery4, relies on ajax technologies and runs on all major browsers.

Till [...]

Sometimes it is necessary to have a function for easily downloading a SQL table exported to a plain csv file for further external processing or manual data lookup. Normally people in forums on the net recommend to use phpmyadmin for tasks like this, but on a real production server phpmyadmin is of course no option [...]

For 2-odd years now I'm very lucky with my Eizo S2411W. Most of the time I'm surfing the web, writing code or do photoshopping. Usually at the end of the year you try to spend some money, and as I feel that displays have become real keen now (as opposed to RAM, which where half [...]

I thought it would be cool to not have the meta-widget on my wordpress blog enabled as there is probably little need for visitors to have a login-link visible on the start page.

If you are used to simple naming conventions from rails you expect to have the login in my case on - but [...]