Simple inline code in your rails templates

In: frontend

26 Oct 2009

when I write views and templates sometimes it occurs that I want to use some code like

<% if c = @customer[:image] %>; <img src='...' />; <% end %>

but obviously this code would look much more nice with short tags enabled, so I could use code like

% if c = @customer[:image] <img src='...' /> % end

but poorely, in a standard rails env this trim mode for ERb is not enabled by default.

For Rails 2.1.2, I've made it working by

# environment.rb: # ALLOW open ruby code lines inside templates ActionView::Base.erb_trim_mode = '-%'

At least for Rails 2.3.4 this does not works as a class is frozen error is raised. I'll post an update here, when I found out a simple solution to get this working in rails 2.3.x without the need to install the trim mode plugin.

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